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Reset all settings

This feature is available with the cumulative patch 1.9.022321 for 1.9x and is already available for 1.10x versions. Note: After apply the cumulative patch, you should reboot your server On the menu console, use letter G “Artica service setup” Select the letter “J” on the second menu to reset all […]

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Poor hard drives, disable local caches…

If Artica report that your hard drives are poor, it should better to disable Hard drives caching and increase memory use. This Article is outdated and is only for 1.8x/1.9x versions. Click on Proxy services and choose “Caches center” icon Select “Global parameters” tab. Turn to green “Disable Caching Websites […]

Check Hard drives performances

Hard drives performances are important, a proxy service is able to store/retrieve Internet objects from hard drives. Artica test regulary your hard drives performances. You can see performances by click on “System” on the top menu Choose “Internal Hard drives” icon. Click on performance tab You will see a table […]

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How to import logs into the statistics system ?

If your plan to upgrade from 1.7x,1.8x,1.9x, statistics data generated by these version are not retranslated, you need to import old logs to the system. Artica is able to import access sources logs into the statistics system. Source logs must be in “squid” format. Usually, Artica server are able to […]

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How to Disable statistics ?

If your server is overloaded and if you encounter performances issue ( especially on 1.8x,1.9x versions), we suggest to disable real-time statistics. We are developing the 1.10 version that will fix performances issues on statistics generation. This new 1.10x version will be able to import old sources logs in order […]

Update the main proxy version

The main proxy service engine is not updated automatically. You have to do it manually trough the Artica Web console. On the top menu, click on “Action” button Choose “Update Proxy Software” icon In this Interface our main proxy version is on 3.3.13 Click on the “Find Packages” link You […]

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Reconstruct system caches

To reconstruct system caches ( for corrupted issues or in order to free disks), perform these tasks. This operation will delete storage directories and re-create caches directory. It will stop the proxy service Under the “Proxy service” top menu button, choose “Caches Center” icon Select “Caches Center” tab Click on […]