Connect your proxy to your Active Directory server

When linking the Artica Proxy to the Windows Domain, you must take care about these points:

  • Proxy host name must be under 16 characters
  • Proxy domain name must be the same of your Active Directory domain.
  • Proxy must use the Active Directory as primary DNS or any DNS that is able to resolve the Active Directory server
  • The system clock on the proxy must be same with your Active Directory.
  • Administrator account must have “join” privileges on your Active Directory.


  • On the TOP menu click on “Members” icon

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  • Select “Active Directory” icon.

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  • Turn to Green the Enable Authentication via MS Windows.

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  • On the Interface you have only 4 Main fields to fill.
  1. Windows Server DNS suffix: Is the main domain of Your Active Directory server ( company.tld)
  2. Windows Server netbiosname: Is the name of your Active Directory server ( if your active directory is, put “srvad”)
  3. AD server IP: is your Active Directory server IP address.
  4. Netbios AD domain: Is the workgroup of the Windows domain (if your active directory is, it should be “company”)

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  • Click on Apply button when finish.
  • A progress screen will be displayed
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  • After finish, click on “Analyze” tab.
  • Green test shows you that the Active Directory link is success.

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