Recover statistics from legal logs

If you migrate your server or if you have loosing your statistics data, you can recover statistics using the dedicated command-line tool. Recover statistics is by command-line because using the Web console have currently some limitations to upload big files and provide importation status. with Artiva v3.07.051500 or above, the […]

How to retrieve Internet history for an user

Artica proxy statistics allows you to retrieve history for a specific member. Generate the query On the top menu, click on “Statistics“ Choose Members icon Click on the “Build the query” button. Define the User id in drop-down list Choose the period give the username on the search field. Click […]


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Know traffic consumed by a network

This feature is available on Artica 2.35 or above. It allows to build report according filters based on user/ip addresses. On the TOP menu, choose Statistics button Select the “flow” item. Click on “Build the query” button. When selecting IP address as “Members” you can filter using these ways: […]

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Proxy Groups aliases

When the Artica server is connected to the Active Directory group, you can drive the Statistics Virtual groups retreiver. The same method can be used when the proxy is not connected to an Active Directory server. This feature is available on Artica v2.21.091211 or above. Go to the Proxy Members […]

Your bandwidth statistics

The Artica v2.17.080713 or above allows you to perform a speed test in order to display your current Internet bandwidth. If the Bandwidth can be retrieved, you will see your bandwidth on the dashboard When clicking on links, Artica display Bandwidth graphs for the current day, week and month You […]

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