My DHCP leases is full, how to retreive available IPs

You DHCP server claim there is no free IP to deliver. This issue is fixed on 3.06.200174 version or above. 1) Disable fixed addresses from database. Before 3.06.200174 all new computer is automatically fixed from Artica Database. On the DHCP configuration, disable the “Fix resolved hosts IP addresses”. Click on […]



FATAL: Bungled /etc/squid3/acls_whitelist.conf line 17: acl GlobalWhitelistDomains dstdomain

When updating your whitelist you encounter an error during Proxy parameters compilation : ERROR: ‘.gs.apple.com’ is a subdomain of ‘gs.apple.com’ ERROR: You need to remove ‘.gs.apple.com’ from the ACL named ‘GlobalWhitelistDomains’ FATAL: Bungled /etc/squid3/acls_whitelist.conf line 17: acl GlobalWhitelistDomains dstdomain “/etc/squid3/acls_whitelist.dstdomain.conf” This means your whitelist are in conflicts with the default […]

Apache is not running [action=start]

Every day we have this errorĀ  occurs in event log, how to avoid it ? This because the Apache service is still enabled but not used. Click on the TOP Menu button “System“ Choose on the right panel, “Web Servers“ Click on “Disable the feature” button C



Unable to block icloud.com with ACLs

You have created rule that should block icloud.com but this rule has no effects. This is caused by default whitelisting in Artica. On your proxy, select “Permanent authorizations“ Turn OFF “Enable the Internet/Proxy compatibilities” option and click on Apply Your ACLs on icloud.com should now take effects.


Generate a debug file for the HotSpot

  To generate a debug file, open the main HotSpot section. Turn on the debug section and click on apply. Try to generate the issue and return back the main section. Click on the hotspot.debug.gz link in order to download the file

Remove possibility to display password in clear text

In Artica Web console, passwords fields can be switched to clear text by clicking on the key near the field. The v3.06.200018 allow to remove this possibility. If you did not want this feature, click on System on the top menu Select Web Interface settings on the Web services section. […]



Change the Artica Web Console Cipher Suites

This feature is available on Artica v3.06.200012 or above. To change the Ciphers on the Web SSL Artica console, click on System on the top menu. Choose Web Services/ Web Interface settings   Choose HTTP engine tab Enable the Cipher Suites checkbox. Set the Ciphers level Click on Apply   […]