Cache management


Run proxy on multiple CPU(s)

By default, Artica use 1 instance to run the proxy. in most cases using 1 Cpu for proxy is enough. If your proxy get more and more slower during the week and if rebooting the proxy service fix this issue, you can increase the number of CPU(s) used. This feature […]


Deny a website to be cached

Artica is a strong proxy cache that claim to cache strongly websites in order to safe bandwidth. In some cases ( web applications, News / chat websites ) this behavior is not productive. You can easily deny some websites to be cached by the proxy. 1) How to see if […]


Understand the HyperCache feature

HyperCache is designed to drive the proxy about objects that must be stored locally. It basically enforce caching specific websites that use new technologies to provide objects. Why driving the proxy ? The proxy stores object by building a key calculated with the URL without parameters. Examples: [GOOD] will […]

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Create a local Kaspersky updates repository

Artica is able to centralize Kaspersky updates trough Kaspersky Update Utility. This feature allows you to create a local repository for Kaspersky Antivirus softwares. When Artica act as proxy it can hook requests and force Kaspersky products to use the local repository instead retreiving updates trough Internet. This to ensure […]