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Malware URLS

By default, Artica is able to retreive infected url automatically ( first time 30.000 urls and after each 6 Hours) and save urls inside the local database in order to improve the malware category. This feature is added in Artica v2.32 versions. Under the Web filtering status, you can see […]

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Balanced Groups

Balanced Groups can be used when your load-balancer have to serve multiple services. For example we can imagine that a load-balancer have to serve proxies connections and Web servers on the 80 listen port. In this case, you can redirect connections according ACLs and groups.   Click on the desired […]

Add balanced servers in your service

After creating a service, you will have to define servers that will be balanced. This list is used if you want to link server into a balanced group. Select Backends tab and click on the New backend button. Give the backend name ( only used by the web console ). […]

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NTLM support

If you need to load-balance proxies connected to your Active Directory, you have to Activate the NTLM compatibility option. You can define the “NTLM compatible (MS Active Directory)” option on the main service or in a group. Enable the “NTLM compatible (MS Active Directory)” and Apply parameters.

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Activate the Load-balancing service

On the top menu select System Under Network service, choose Load-Balancing (disabled) link. Turn ON the “Enable Load-balancing service” option and click on Apply   A new “Load-balancing” icon will be added on the top menu.   Note ! If it is the first time you enabled the main service, […]

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Allow SSH with LDAP members

By default, the SSH protocol is allowed only for root user. Trough Artica, you are able to create local members. Local members are stored in the local LDAP database. On the TOP menu, click on the “Member Options” icon. Select Users & System icon Turn ON the “Link the system […]