Authenticate users trough Active Directory

This feature can be used with Artica (v2.39.051313 or v2.38.051313 or above) and the reverse-proxy service version It allows you to allow access to a reversed Web site only if user is logged using it’s Active Directory credentials. A) Create your reversed Website: You have to create an HTTP/HTTPS […]

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Use a GoDaddy certificate ( for reverse-proxy )

To obtain a GoDaddy¬† certificate you need to generate the Certifcate request with the Certificate center Click on Your system on the top menu. Select Certificate Center item. Click on Certificate CSR tab. The most important field is the Common Name, it should be a full domain if you purchase […]

Replace ../../ to avoid corrupted sites

Sometimes webmaster use the back way “../../” to loading CSS. With the reverse proxy, these methods should corrupt the web page. The replace rules feature allows you to fix this issue. Choose your Website on your reverse sites. Choose replace rules tab. Click on New rule button. Give your Rule […]

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Reverse Proxy for Microsoft Exchange server

The 2.25.102301 Artica version or above allows you to protect your Microsoft Exchange server 2010/2013 trough the Reverse-Proxy service. On the Artica Reverse Proxy. On the Reverse-Proxy section and Web sites, click on New server Turn to green the Microsoft Windows Exchange option. Define the public host-name of your reverse […]


Anti-Exploits allows to build rules that blocks the most common exploits, SQL injections, file injections, spam and user agents used by hackers and bandwidth hoggers. When a rule of a group matches, the reverse proxy die the connection and produce a HTTP 403 error.   Select your Web site.   […]

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Enforce caching of your remote web sites

The reverse Proxy is able to cache content in order to deliver it without need to forward connections to the next hope web server. This feature increase dramatically your Web server performance because the front-end reverse proxy is able to serve web page without query your web servers. To cache […]

Replace rules in reverse-proxy

Replace rules allows the reverse proxy to replace content on-the-fly. This is a main feature that able to patch/fix some strings without need to change content on websites. Click on your website.   In this example, we want to add the google analytic javascript code for the designed website. Click […]

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