Daily Archives: June 28, 2015

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Update reverse proxy engine

To update reverse proxy engine Click on the Arrow on the top menu. Select Update icon Select “Softwares” tab and click on Manual Update button. Click on “Supported Softwares” link.   Download the latest Nginx package version   Click on upload a file button. Browse your download directory and select […]

28-06-2015 12-51-12

Send events by syslog

Send events by syslog is a feature designed to increase performance on the proxy box for statistics purpose. To use this feature, you need a statistics appliance and Artica v2.11.062812 or above. By default, the proxy server is in charge to analyze real-time events, compress events and save statistics events […]

Update BigData engine (InfluxDB) to nightly builds

You can update your Artica server with BigData engine nightly builds with Artica v2.11.062801  or above. On the top menu, click on the Arrow     Choose Update icon       Select Influx Database tab Click on Manual update link   Click on the link “BigData database“ On artica […]

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