Anti-Exploits allows to build rules that blocks the most common exploits, SQL injections, file injections, spam and user agents used by hackers and bandwidth hoggers.
When a rule of a group matches, the reverse proxy die the connection and produce a HTTP 403 error.


  • Select your Web site.

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  • Select Anti-Exploits tab.
  • Click on New GroupĀ 
  • Set the group nameĀ 
  • If you want to add some default rules, turn on the Add Defaults option.

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  • To affect the new group of rules to your Web server, click on the checkbox option.

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Create rules inside a group

  • Select your group
  • Click on “Items” tab
  • If you have added your group with default rules, some rules are already created.
  • Click on “New item

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  • Enabled: If the rule is active or not.
  • Reverse: Matches if the pattern is not matched.
  • Token: Where to match the regular expression : The User Agent or the Query string.
  • Pattern: Set the regular expression that matches the token.

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  • Click on Apply to make rules into production mode.

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