Create a reverse SSL web site ( HTTPS domain to HTTP IP)

In this topic we want to transfer requests coming from domain.tldin SSL and redirect it to our internal Web server ip address
In our DNS we have added the domain.tld A record to the ip address of the Artica reverse proxy.

First import/create your SSL certificate.



  • On the TOP menu, click on System icon.


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  • On the Maintain section, click on Certificates Center link

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  • Click on New certificate¬†button and choose the appropriate way to create/import your certificate.

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Build your reverse Web server

  • Return back to the Reverse-proxy section
  • Click on Web sites tab
  • Click on New server button
  • set https://domain.tld and click on Next button.

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  • On the next screen, set the destination using https://IPADDRESS
  • Click on Next button
  • Click on Build Settings button

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  • Click on Your Web site link on the main table.
  • Choose “Use SSL” tab.
  • On the Certificate drop-down list, select your generated certificate.
  • Click on Apply button.


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  • On the main table, click on the Compile icon in order to make changes

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