Authenticate users trough Active Directory

This feature can be used with Artica (v2.39.051313 or v2.38.051313 or above) and the reverse-proxy service version
It allows you to allow access to a reversed Web site only if user is logged using it’s Active Directory credentials.

A) Create your reversed Website:

B) Verify your reverse-proxy version.

  • Click on your web site


  • If you have the following error :
Error the Authenticated request module is not compiled


  • This means you have to update the reverse-proxy software to or above.
  • Check this article to upgrade your reverse-proxy version

C) Check services.

  • Click on the Reverse-Proxy top button.
  • You must have 2 services running :
    • Auth From service: Designed to hook and build the Authentication form.
    • Authenticator framework: Designed to verify credentials to the remote Active Directory server.


D) Active Directory settings.

  • Click on your web site


  • Turn to green the Active Directory connection option.
  • Set the connection parameters to your Active Directory server
    use username@domain in the “Administrator” field.
  • Click on Apply button


Testing access

  • Connect to your reverse web-site.
  • Instead open the targeted web site, the reverse proxy engine display a web page that asking Active Directory credentials.
  • If you logon successfully to the authentication page, the reverse proxy open the targeted web site content.


Note: The reverse Proxy is cookies/local cache to save sessions, sessions are cached for 10 minutes

Personalize the web form

If you want to skin the web form, click on the “Template” button in order to modify the HTML code of the web page.


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