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The Quota time object

The quota time object allows you to define a quota time with budget per user/ip address/MAC address in your ACLs. This feature is available on 2.19.082502 or above To enable the feature, you need to use 2 steps: Create the quota time engine based on the identifier Create the quota […]

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Monitor the Artica Proxy server trough SNMP

This article allows you to monitor both system ( hardware, disks, memory ) and the Proxy service. There are some improvements on Artica v2.19.082118 or above. We suggest to upgrade your Artica to this version. 1) Upgrade the SNMP software. You can upgrade the SNMP service by downloading this package […]

Move 1.9.022321 to Artica 2.x without lost settings

If you need to use the new 2.x version with installing a new Artica server without lost your settings, follow these procedures. Backup settings. Open an SSH session to your old 1.9x server. Backup MySQL databases. mysqldump –force -u root -S /var/run/mysqld/squid-db.sock squidlogs >/home/squidlogs.sql mysqldump –force -u root -S /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock […]

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The native Web-filtering client

Artica use it’s own script in order to make to join the proxy service with the Webfiltering service. You can turn it to use the native client for better performance. Enabling the native client will disable these features: Redirection Protocol cannot be changed. The native client could not determine the […]

How to link/route different networks trough Artica ?

Routers is a feature that allows an Artica to centralize different networks. Routers can be used if the Firewall is installed and enabled on the Artica server   Our Artica server have 3 interfaces. Each interface is connected to a specific network On the Dashboard, choose “Firewall” On the Bridges […]

Your bandwidth statistics

The Artica v2.17.080713 or above allows you to perform a speed test in order to display your current Internet bandwidth. If the Bandwidth can be retrieved, you will see your bandwidth on the dashboard When clicking on links, Artica display Bandwidth graphs for the current day, week and month You […]

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Import Active Directory groups and categories.

This feature (available on Artica v2.17.080618 or above ) allows you to import a list of Active Directory groups associated to Artica categories objects in order to bypass the web filtering engine. On the Main ACLs table, click on “options” button Choose “Import Active Directory group and categories” link. Put […]

The Artica Categories object

The Artica Categories object is an object that allows you to use personal categories and Artica categories inside ACLs. To display this object or to use it, you need to enable the “Categories Service“ How it works ? When adding the Artica categories object inside an ACL rule, the proxy […]

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Redirect blocked requests to your Web page.

If you want to handle your own web error page instead using the Artica Error page service use this way. On the top menu, select Your Proxy. Choose “Banned page service” link Choose “Remote block page” tab Turn to green the Redirect all blocked sites to a remote web page […]