How to stress your Artica proxy server from a Windows Client

The WebServer Stress Tool is a Freeware tool that able to stress websites. In our case we will use it in order to stress Artica by stressing Internet with the Artica Proxy. Download and uncompress the “WebServer Stress Tool“ ( ) Inside the you will find a basic […]

IP Traffic Summarizer

Available with Artica v3.02.020517 or above. IP traffic summarizer is an IP traffic monitor. It listens to a network interface in promiscuous mode and tallies the total traffic for every connection. A connection is a combination of ip address pairs, protocol and for tcp/udp protocols, the ports numbers.  


Be notified by the Proxy watchdog

The Artica Proxy watchdog is able to notify¬† when it encounter issues ( emergencies, crash…) You are be able to receive notifications by mail on each critical events On the top menu, click on Your Proxy On the “Monitor events” section, click on Email notifications link.   Turn to green […]

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Proxy is restarted every day at 7h ?

A default task reboot the proxy service every day at 07h. You can disable it. Select Your Proxy top menu Choose Tasks link under Update & Maintain section Find the task that restart the proxy service Uncheck the checkbox Click on Compile settings

Logs emergency

If the partition log is full or if the Proxy claims with it’s logger daemon, Artica turn the proxy to system to log emergency. The Log emergency force the proxy to continue processing access to internet without write any log. When the proxy is turned to log emergency, the dashboard […]

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Monitor the Artica Proxy server trough SNMP

This article allows you to monitor both system ( hardware, disks, memory ) and the Proxy service. There are some improvements on Artica v2.19.082118 or above. We suggest to upgrade your Artica to this version. 1) Upgrade the SNMP software. You can upgrade the SNMP service by downloading this package […]

Alerts on bandwidth limit

Version 2.x This feature allows you to be notified when the total HTTP/HTTPS bandwidth reach a defined size. When the bandwidth exceed a defined value, artica create a report in order to display bandwidth consumption for each user and each website On Your proxy, select “Watchdog parameters” Select Bandwidth tab. […]

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