Web filtering

v2.40.000016: gotopage.denied

When trying to navigate trough a filtered web site by the Web-Filtering, the proxy encounter an error with an unknown website called “gotopage.denied” By default, the Web-filtering use this website. To get the correct page, you have to upgrade to “v2.40.000018″ Artica version and enable the Web-Filtering Banned page service […]



How to modify the text for ticket submission ?

If you want to skin the denied Web error page text and color, you need to use the skins rules in the banned page service. Note: tuning the Web-Filtering error page require a valid corporate license. On your Proxy, click on the “Banned page service” link Select Skins rules and […]

The Ransomwares database

Ransomwares database is designed to block URLs that are used by viruses to download ransomwares. This database is downloaded automatically by Artica and is updated several times by day. Since 2.39.051513/2.38.051513 the ransomware database act as a category and must be managed trough a web-filtering rule. This feature require a […]



The PhishTank database

Since 2.39.051513/2.38.051513 Phishtank database as changed and now is updated directly trough Artica. The PhishTank database is also available in Web security Appliance too and require a valid Enterprise license. The PhishTank database came from a community anti-phishing Web site where anyone can go to submit suspected phishes, track the […]

Cannot have access to any Websites with BLOCK-LD

You cannot have access to Internet and when parsing Web filtering events, you have BLOCK-LD event. This means the Web filtering engine is currently loading all categories databases in memory. To avoid this when Artica updates the Web-Filtering database, go into Services Parameters of the Web-filtering. Under Behavior section, turn […]



Change the Webfiltering error page address.

By default, Artica use the IP address of the proxy to redirect blocked requests to the error page. To change the location of the Web filtering error page, on the TOP menu, click on Your Proxy button. Choose the link “Banned page service“ You will be redirected to the Banned […]