Monitor the Artica Proxy server trough SNMP

This article allows you to monitor both system ( hardware, disks, memory ) and the Proxy service.
There are some improvements on Artica v2.19.082118 or above.
We suggest to upgrade your Artica to this version.

1) Upgrade the SNMP software.

You can upgrade the SNMP service by downloading this package :

  • Click on the TOP down arrow

21-08-2015 17-52-26

  • Select Update icon.

21-08-2015 17-51-57

  • Choose Softwares tab
  • Click on Manual update button

21-08-2015 17-54-26

  • Click on Upload a file button and choose the downloaded SNMP Package.

21-08-2015 17-55-20

Enable the SNMP service for System and Proxy

  • Click on System on the top menu.

21-08-2015 17-56-51

  • Under Monitor section, choose “SNMP

21-08-2015 17-57-47

  • Turn to green the Activate SNMP access – System option
  • Click on Apply
  • Click on Apply on the proxy section.

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