How to link/route different networks trough Artica ?

Routers is a feature that allows an Artica to centralize different networks.
Routers can be used if the Firewall is installed and enabled on the Artica server


  • Our Artica server have 3 interfaces.
    Each interface is connected to a specific network


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On the Dashboard, choose “Firewall

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On the Bridges section, choose “Routers

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  • Click on New Router button
  • To construct the link, select the Network interface where TCP packets should from and the Interface where TCP packets should allowed to go
  • Turn to on the Masquerading option
  • Click on Add button

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  • Click on Apply FireWall rules button in order to make the link available.

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  • In our example the can communicate with the network.
  • The opposite is not allowed
  • If we want to the communicate with the we need to add a new router in this way

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  • In this case, both and can communicate in both directions

08-08-2015 12-24-18

  • If we want our 3 networks allow communicate in all direction, we have to create each router for each direction.

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