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How to create a router ?

A router in Artica terms is a link between 2 networks cards. A router is able to transfert communication from a Network card to a network card in order to communicate physical networks. If you have 2 networks cards on your Artica server and you want to create a router, […]

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How to install/enable the Firewall ?

This procedure shows you how to enable and install the Firewall without any rule. On the dashboard, click the “Not installed” link. Click on the FireWall installation button Wait during the install process. After, the Firewall icon will be changed to “Not Configured“, click on the link Choose Single mode […]

Unable to make java 8 working with Artica

The java8 version is bugged and did not accept using Proxy : See the latest discuss about this bug: https://community.oracle.com/thread/3621761?start=0&tstart=0 If you want to make java run with a proxy you need to downgrade to 7u72 version Old link can be retrieved here https://olex.openlogic.com/packages/java/7u72    

Amount of time spend on a website ?

Is it possible to get statistics of amount of time spend on a website ? The HTTP protocol is not a continuous flow, when an user open a Web page, browser retrieve data and close connection. In this case the user can read a web page during several times without […]