Amount of time spend on a website ?

Is it possible to get statistics of amount of time spend on a website ?

The HTTP protocol is not a continuous flow, when an user open a Web page, browser retrieve data and close connection.
In this case the user can read a web page during several times without open new connections…
The proxy is not able to detect how many times the user stay on the web page.

There is a way: Calculate time difference between each connection BUT.

for example at 15:02:01 user request and at 15:02:15 use request again the facebook websites.
Basically user have read the web page during 14 seconds.

Is it true ? An example: with facebook and youtube

There are a lot of widgets that can be installed in desktop.
Each widget is able to ping facebook/youtube periodically.

When using facebook/youtube , browsers ping the facebook/youtube website periodically and automatically.
But user can keep browser open and be outside it’s company !! .

In the real world it is not possible to be sure about the time spend on Websites

Planned for September 2015, we will try to open a beta version that try to provide statistics on user’s spent time using this way:

  1. Proxy is able to add automatically a javascript link to all webpages.
  2. The javascript is dynamically generated by the proxy for the connected user and browser
  3. Browsers execute this javascript.
  4. This javascript will be able to track the mouse/screen in order to detect if the user is in front of the browser.
    This javascript is able to send regulary user’s status to the proxy in order to send real user’s activity…


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