FATAL: Bungled /etc/squid3/acls_whitelist.conf line 17: acl GlobalWhitelistDomains dstdomain

When updating your whitelist you encounter an error during Proxy parameters compilation : ERROR: ‘’ is a subdomain of ‘’ ERROR: You need to remove ‘’ from the ACL named ‘GlobalWhitelistDomains’ FATAL: Bungled /etc/squid3/acls_whitelist.conf line 17: acl GlobalWhitelistDomains dstdomain “/etc/squid3/acls_whitelist.dstdomain.conf” This means your whitelist are in conflicts with the default […]



System in read-only mode CTRL-D ?

When booting Artica, you receive an error [….] The root filesystem is currently mounted in read-only mode. A maintenance shell will now be started. After performing system maintenance, press CONTROL-D to terminate the maintenance shell.. [warnrt the system. … (warning) On the screen type the root password ( US Keyboard) […]

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Proxy crash each day at 07:00 AM

This issue is caused because an Artica task is defined to restart the proxy service at this time. This task was created to fix some issues on proxy service but is not necessary if you using proxy v3.5x. You can safely disable this task. On the TOP menu, click on […]

1.9x/1.8x: My Log partition is full and my proxy crash

This is caused because Artica did not correctly clean the log partition ( This is fixed in 2.x versions) If you want to use the 1.9x, use this way to clean your log partition: Use the terminal or any SSH connection: wget chmod 0755 ./

Unable to make java 8 working with Artica

The java8 version is bugged and did not accept using Proxy : See the latest discuss about this bug: If you want to make java run with a proxy you need to downgrade to 7u72 version Old link can be retrieved here    

Apply a patch sended by the support team.

To apply a patch sended by the support team:   Download the artica-xxxx.tgz Got to the Web console and click on the arrow on the top menu Choose “update” icon Click on Manual update icon Click on upload a file button Choose the download file sent by support team

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The Artica Proxy Watchdog

The Artica Proxy Watchdog is a daemon that run in background on the system. It is is designed to monitor all Internet services and is able to react when an issue or a warning is detected. Every proxy service operation is logged into the watchdog history in order to see […]