Artica categories helper performance

The Artica categories helper ( Categories object used in ACLs) use caches to increase performance in order to not query the categories service on each request. The proxy service load several Artica categories helper to increase response time You can tune the performance by the helper in the Artica categories […]

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White-list websites from the real-time monitor

When displaying Web filtering real-time events, you have a quick shortcut in order to white-list a web site. This feature is available on v2.13.063019 or above Click on the link in the hostname column.   A popup is displayed and allows you to perform 2 tasks: White-list this Website: Add the […]

Enable Antivirus on your proxy (v2)

  This procedure explains how to enable Antivirus (ClamAV) on your Artica Proxy. The Proxy Antivirus plugin is able to analyze in real-time all datas downloaded by the Proxy in HTTP mode. If your proxy is not turned to MAN-IN-THE-MIDDLE feature, no SSL content will be scanned.   On the […]

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Unlock rules using tickets

The unlock rule using tickets allow the proxy to send an email notification to administrators if your users encounter a blocked page. In the received mail, administrators get a special link that unlock the web page for a period. Select Your Proxy on the top menu. Click on “Unlock rules“ […]

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Rewrite rules

Rewrite rules can be used to modify requests in the fly. It is a part of the Web filtering. To understand this feature we want to change the https://www.bing.com to https://www.google.com First you need to create rewrite objects Click on the top menu on Your proxy. Click on rewrite objects […]