Create a balancer in order to load-balance Artica HTTP Proxy servers

You want to use 2 Artica proxies and balance them trough the load-balancing service.

This configuration require 2 steps:

  1. Enable the proxy protocol on the Artica proxy.
  2. Activate the Load-balancing service for proxy.


Create a dedicated port on each Artica Proxy server.

  • On the TOP menu of your Artica Proxy server, choose “Your Proxy
  • Click on Listen ports configuration.

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  • Create a new HTTP  port with the “Accept Proxy Protocol” enabled option

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  • You will see the “Accept Proxy protocol” in blue in the main table.
  • Click on Apply to make the port available.


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Create the balancer service

  • On the balancers option, create a new service.
  • On the method, choose HTTP Proxy.
  • Click on Add button.

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  • Click on the new created service link
  • Choose backends tab.
  • Create a new backend.
  • Add the remote proxy  ip address and the remote Proxy service port with “Accept Proxy protocol”  enabled.
  • Perform this option for each proxy you want to load-balance.

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