ACLs With the load-balancing service

Access Control lists can help you about change the default load-balancer behavior.
You can specify a specific server to choose from a requested domain or sources IP and many things.

  • To create a rule, open your load-balancing service
  • Choose Access Control List tab.
  • Click on new rule button and set a rule name.

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  • Click on your rule link to edit it.
  • In the method, you can choose:
    • Deny: Block the Access to the load-balancing service.
    • Use Server: use a specific backend server.
    • Use Servers Groups: use a specific group of backends.

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  • After defined the rule action, click on Objects to set the targeted item that will match the rule.
  • Click on “New proxy object” to create a new one.
  • Specify the object type and the object name and save.


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  • An object can be matched or not matched. The “NOT match” can be set by enabling the “REVERSE” option.
  • When using several objects, you can define the “OR” operator by clicking on the operator column.

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  • The main ACL table shows you the result of your objects and action

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