Balanced Groups

Balanced Groups can be used when your load-balancer have to serve multiple services.

For example we can imagine that a load-balancer have to serve proxies connections and Web servers on the 80 listen port.
In this case, you can redirect connections according ACLs and groups.



  • Click on the desired Balancer and choose Groups tab.
  • Click on New group button and set the group name.

27-12-2015 15-07-05

  • Open the group properties by clicking on the link in the table.
  • You will see that the group can be set in the same way of a load-balancer service. In this case, each group can have it’s own behavior.
  • The “default” parameter is mandatory, if you did not have defined ACLS the load-balancer will balance to backend servers defined in the default group.

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  • Click on “Backends” tab in order to add target balanced servers in your group.
  • Click on Link a server in order to browse added servers and link a targeted server into your group.

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