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IP Scanner

IP Scanner is a network scanner feature designed to be fast and simple to use. It scans IP addresses To use it, Click on “Networks” on the top menu and select “Browse Computers“. Choose “Analyze” tab Click on networks to Add,Edit, disable networks that will be scanned. Click on “Ping […]

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Compressed access events

Artica produce compressed access events in order to globally see which websites has been viewed by your users. These compressed tables are not designed to display requests or sub-domains. Only main domains are displayed with the number of requests and downloaded size. On the top menu, click on the events […]

Statistics by file types

Each day, Artica produce events by file types ( MIME ) You can display these statistics by clicking on the “Top Web” tab. A chart is displayed and list the top 15 downloaded file types. Click on “more details” link A new layer is displayed in order to list all […]

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Direct access to proxy and web filtering real-time events

In order to quick display real-time events hidden links can be displayed https://yourserver:9000/proxy allows you to see proxy real-time requests A login popup is displayed before access to the web page After login, a full web page is displayed and shows you events In the same way, the url https://yourproxy:9000/webfilter […]

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Proxy Members aliases

Proxy Members aliases is a feature that allows you to define alias for a specific MAC address. If your proxy service is not connected to any authentication database such as Active Directory or OpenLDAP, only IP addresses and MAC can be displayed in events. These informations are not relevant for […]

Optimize system

The new Artica v1.8.122320 have a new feature that allows you to optimize the system. This feature is designed to tune the system when running on a Virtual machine such as VMWare, HyperV, XenServer or when using SSD hard drives. On the top menu, click on your servername Choose the […]

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Uploads timeout

Artica v1.8.122218 as a new feature that helps you easily to set the timeouts for the uploads tasks. On the proxy service, choose the “Main parameters” icon. Choose TimeOuts tab Choose the time on the Uploads timeout dropdown list. Click on Apply button.

Monitor system temperature

When using the 1.8.122216 version, you can allow Artica to monitor temperature health check. Note that this feature make sense only if you using a physical server, not a virtual machine. If the feature is enabled, the dashboard will display temperature of your server and Artica will notifiy you if […]

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Update/set the Manager account

When using the Artica appliance, you can set the Manager account by the menu console. Use the G option on the menu console   Click on D on the second menu. Type Enter key Set the username and type enter key     Set the password and type enter key […]