Compressed access events

Artica produce compressed access events in order to globally see which websites has been viewed by your users.

These compressed tables are not designed to display requests or sub-domains. Only main domains are displayed with the number of requests and downloaded size.

  • On the top menu, click on the events icon (eye)
  • Select the “This hour ( compressed )” tab.
  • You can see globally for the current hour websites and users according to size and number of hits.
  • Artica save data each 10 minutes.

28-12-2014 17-39-37

  • These data are merged each hour in order to produce a table for the current day.
  • To see the table, click on “This day” tab.
  • In this table, you can query requests for the whole current day.

28-12-2014 17-44-05



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