Virtual Switchs

A Virtual switch allows you to create Virtual Network Interface that are able to use the main physical interface to communicate with your networks. It is intended that there is no sense to use virtual switch when using Artica on a “virtual machine” such as VMWare because the virtualization system […]

Link 2 Artica Proxy servers in failover mode

The failover with Artica perform automatic switch connections to a backup server according issues, system load, heavy memory on the production server failover mode is an Active/Passive solution. If you plan to use Active/Active solution, take a look on “Load-balancing” method. To enable failover, you must have 2 Artica servers. […]

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Fix Artica as gateway

  You can definitively fix Artica to be a gateway in this way. On the top menu, choose Network Click on Network services icon Select Gateway Mode icon Select Artica has Gateway icon Trun to green “Artica has gateway” and click on Apply  

IP Scanner

IP Scanner is a network scanner feature designed to be fast and simple to use. It scans IP addresses To use it, Click on “Networks” on the top menu and select “Browse Computers“. Choose “Analyze” tab Click on networks to Add,Edit, disable networks that will be scanned. Click on “Ping […]

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