Install Kaspersky Anti-Virus on your Proxy service

Artica is able to support Kasperky Anti-Virus on your proxy service.

Note that Kaspersky Antivirus should consume about 1.5 to 2GB memory on your server, check your available memory before installing the Kaspersky Service.

  • On the dashboard, down to left and click on the link “Kaspersky For Artica

25-12-2014 23-35-40

  • Click on “I’m Interested, Install the solution

25-12-2014 23-37-07

  • Click on “Install now” button

25-12-2014 23-38-07

  • Wait during the installation

25-12-2014 23-39-32

Add your Own license.

  • On the top Menu, click on “Kaspersky For Squid”

25-12-2014 23-42-00

  • Click on the Link “No active key”

25-12-2014 23-43-22

  • Click on the button “Upload a new license

25-12-2014 23-44-23

  • Click on Key file and upload your key file

25-12-2014 23-45-15

  • After completed, you will see this error. This is normal, you need to download updates.

25-12-2014 23-59-06

  • Click on Update pattern now button in order to launch updates.

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