Yearly Archives: 2017

File is Too large ( Artica v3.x )

When uploading a new Artica package, you can see the error “File is too large“ To fix it: On the Top Menu, click on System Choose Web interface settings link   Increase the value of MAX Post size and Max Upload file size to 512


No internal network defined

On Artica dashboard, a “warning” message says “No internal network defined”. This not a fatal error, just to motivate you to define your internal networks inside Artica configuration. To remove this error: Go to System on top menu Click on My Computers/Your networks Add all your internal networks  


Run proxy on multiple CPU(s)

By default, Artica use 1 instance to run the proxy. in most cases using 1 Cpu for proxy is enough. If your proxy get more and more slower during the week and if rebooting the proxy service fix this issue, you can increase the number of CPU(s) used. This feature […]


patch 3.06.062800

This patch can be used from the latest 3.06.050915. After apply this patch, you Artica version will be upgraded to 3.06.062800 Fix in this Patch: This patch already includes fixes in patch 3.06.051813 , 3.06.052317 ,3.06.052612 and 3.06.061618 Add: Watchdog for the Watchdog daemon itself. Add: Watchdog for the OpenVPN […]