Legal logs

Search events in legal logs with Logs finder

Statistics engine store only domains and not requests for performance and database size. If you want to extract and analyze¬† requests from a defined period, you can user “logs finder” feature. The log finder is a feature that parses “Legal logs” history in order to find requests. This feature is […]



Partition of legal logs exceed xx%

If you receive this notification, this means the partition where proxy “source/legal” logs are stored is full. Usually the log storage path is “/home/logrotate_backup” in the /home partition or system partition. How to fix this issue ? 1) Use a NAS smb in order to store logs. Go into “Your […]

Save legal logs to a remote FTP server

By default, Artica let you export legal logs only trough a Windows SMB share. You can use the auto-mount center to export your logs trough an FTP remote server. Create your FTP resource in the auto-mount center. Click on “Your proxy” on the top menu. Choose “Legal logs” link. Select […]

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