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How to avoid none category in the block page ?

The “none” category means you have defined a “Nothing else” behavior in a rule and the web site has not been classified by a white-listed category. By default the blocked web site is classified as “none“ If you want to display the real category in the web-filtering blocked page you […]

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The nothing else method ( aka White-list method )

The nothing else method is the opposite of the Pass other websites By default: By default, Artica create rules with the “Pass other websites“. This means that only websites stored in “blacklisted” categories are used. White-lists are only used to contradict a blacklisted website. The nothing else When editing a […]

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How to block a client to Internet ?

Trough ACLs you can block a client from it’s source IP address, MAC address, username Got to ACLs section Create a new rule Click on the new rule Select Deny Access item Click on items tab Click on New Proxy object. In the drop-down list, choose the appropriate item that […]

How to test a web site against a category ?

To use this feature, you must enable the “Categories service“. The Categories service is able to query the Artica databases in order to see if the Web site is categorized and in which category the web site is stored. On the top menu, click on Action. Choose Test categories items. […]

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Server performance graphs

Since the Artica v2.17.072518, you can see server performances history graphs. On the dashboard, click on the server load number A new section display CPU, Load,  memory usage for the last 24 Hours period and the last 7 days.

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Disable/Enable host name resolution in proxy.pac

This feature is available with Artica v2.17.072512 or above, By default, browsers try to resolve the IP address of each requested  Web server host name. This to allow or deny using proxy by destination IP range. Sometimes some web servers take times to be resolved.   Under auto-configuration section, click […]