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Microsoft Active Directory and the WPAD

If you are using Microsoft Active Directory and Internet Explorer, the recommended approach is to use a Group Policy Object (GPO). To create your GPO, see Managing Browser Settings with Group Policy Tools. Most browsers are able to download a PAC file but do not provide GPO support. take a […]

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How to setup browsers for WPAD service ?

After enable the WPAD service, browsers (Firefox, IE, Opera, Chrome) are able to download automatically the proxy configuration trough Artica Web site.   Basically if the “Automatically detect settings” option is checked, each browser try to resolve a computer called wpad or wpad.yourdomain.tld. If the wpad computer can be resolved […]

Disable/Enable host name resolution in proxy.pac

This feature is available with Artica v2.17.072512 or above, By default, browsers try to resolve the IP address of each requested  Web server host name. This to allow or deny using proxy by destination IP range. Sometimes some web servers take times to be resolved.   Under auto-configuration section, click […]

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Create a WPAD service

Artica is able to handle and generate WPAD scripts dynamically. Artica provides a wizard in order to help you. This wizard enable a Web service and a simple script for the first time. Select “Your proxy” on the top menu. Under Control, select Autoconfiguration link Click on the button in […]

How to debug proxy.pac with Google Chrome ?

To debug proxy.pac with chrome on the url address bar, type chrome://net-internals/#proxy Click on the button Reapply settings. You will see on the top the number events, click on this section You will be redirected to the events viewer. Find entries “PROXY_SCRIPT_DECIDER” and enable check bow on events in order […]

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