How to block a client to Internet ?

Trough ACLs you can block a client from it’s source IP address, MAC address, username

  • Got to ACLs section
Complete Acls Link

Your proxy: Complete acl

  • Create a new rule
  • Click on the new rule
  • Select Deny Access item

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  • Click on items tab
  • Click on New Proxy object.
  • In the drop-down list, choose the appropriate item that will identify the client.

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  • In our example, we use the source IP address.
  • After the created object, you can click on it to edit the object and add values according the object type.

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Note when using Authentication

  • When using authentication (LDAP or Active Directory), The proxy will deny access by sending an infinite authentication popup
  • To avoid this, Add a new group “All” at the end of the objecs list

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