Personal categories privileges trough Active Directory

The Artica v2.17.072617 or above add a new privilege ( Can Manage Personal categories ).
This privilege can be added to an Active Directory group in order to delegate personal categories only to a set of power users.


  • On the top menu, click on AD Members
  • Search a member stored on the desired group you want to set the privilege.
  • Click on the group link.

26-07-2015 17-31-01

  • Select “privileges” tab.
  • Choose “Administrators privileges”
  • Turn on the “Can Manage Personal categories” option.
  • Click on Apply.

26-07-2015 17-33-37

  • Logoff to the Artica console and login as member of the Active Directory group.

26-07-2015 17-36-53

  • You can see that member can do nothing on the system except manage personal categories.

26-07-2015 17-37-39

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