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Limit access to Artica Web interface

You can limit the access to the Artica Web front-end by IP or subnet. On the top menu, click on System button Under Web Services, choose Web Interface settings Select Security Access tab Click on New item button. Give the IP addresses or subnet that are allowed to run the […]

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Change Artica Web console certificate

To change the Web certificate of the Artica Web console, you need to import/create a certificate using the certificate center On the top menu, click on System button Under Maintain section, select Certificate Center link. Click on New Certificate and click on the appropriate button. Once your certificate is created, […]

Import access.log in statistics database

Artica backup your original proxy access logs in the log rotation section. These logs are defined as “legal logs”. Artica is able to re-inject them into the statistics system if you have removed the statistics database. Feature no longer supported after the 3.07x versions ( see the import tool instead […]

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How to increase the Web interface upload limit ?

By default, the Artica Web interface is limited to 250MB upload, you can increase this value by this way:   On the top menu, choose System. Under “Services” section, choose Web Interface settings link Under “PHP:Options” tab, increase the Max Upload file size and Max POST size value in MB. […]