Import access.log in statistics database

Artica backup your original proxy access logs in the log rotation section.
These logs are defined as “legal logs”.
Artica is able to re-inject them into the statistics system if you have removed the statistics database.

Feature no longer supported after the 3.07x versions ( see the import tool instead )

  • On the top menu, click on “Your Proxy
  • Choose “Import logs” link.

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Bulk importation from local directory

If you plan to import old logs stored locally, click on the “Import local files”,
it will scan the default backup directory “/home/logrotate_backup” in order to inject them into the import section.
You can also push all files from an old server to this directory and use this bulk feature.

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Bulk importation by uploading a zip file

  • If you store backup files outside the Artica Appliance, browse your external resource.
    Artica organize sources logs by folder proxy/YYYY/MM/DD
  • Select files starting by the hostname.domain.datefrom-dateto.gz
  • Copy them to a temporary directory, compress them to a single zip file.


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  • After moved all files to your temporary directory, select all files and compress them into a single zip file.

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  • On the import section, click on “Upload a file
  • Select your zip container in order to upload it.
  • Depend of the size of your container, you should have to increase the upload limit size.
  • Suggest to create multiple zip files of 100MB each (about 10 gz files).

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 Importing file one by one.

  • On the import section, click on “Upload a file“.
  • Select the “gz” file that store log.

14-06-2015 13-11-30Run the importation

  • After importing files, you will see the queue in the table.
  • Click on “Run” button in order to inject all files into the statistics database.

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  • Click on the percent column to order values, you will see importation progress on each file.

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