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Follow X-Forwarded-For HTTP Header

This feature is available on Artica v2.15.071321 or above. If you using a Load-balancer ( eg HaProxy) or you need to connect your own proxy to Artica-Proxy server you may use this feature in order to force Artica Proxy to checks the x-Forwarded-For HTTP header. The x-Forwarded-For HTTP header allows […]

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Retreive ACL rules by a group

With Artica v2.15.071314 or above, the ACL groups list display rules used for each group. In “Your Proxy” section, you can display the link “Proxy objects“   The “Proxy objects” section list all added groups The “Rules” column display the number of rules that use the object Click on the […]

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Display used space on your disks

Artica perform periodically a scan of your disk space in order to see what directory consume disk space. On the TOP menu, choose “System“ Choose “Your Hard disks” link Select Directories Monitor tab and click on the monitored folder icon. A picture is displayed and shows you all sub-directories that […]