Statistics Appliance

Recover statistics from legal logs

If you migrate your server or if you have loosing your statistics data, you can recover statistics using the dedicated command-line tool. Recover statistics is by command-line because using the Web console have currently some limitations to upload big files and provide importation status. with Artiva v3.07.051500 or above, the […]

28-06-2015 12-51-12

Send events by syslog

Send events by syslog is a feature designed to increase performance on the proxy box for statistics purpose. To use this feature, you need a statistics appliance and Artica v2.11.062812 or above. By default, the proxy server is in charge to analyze real-time events, compress events and save statistics events […]

The statistics appliance

The statistics appliance is a specific dedicated server in order to store statistics data. The main goal is to increase proxy performance.   Download the statistics Appliance ISO file (550MB) See: Import statistics from a remote server ( method 1) Import a database from a proxy to the statistics appliance […]


21-06-2015 13-26-37

Statistics Appliance security mode

When you link an Artica server to the statistics appliance, Artica enforce security. Only the linked Artica client is able to communicate with the database engine and the Query interface Click on the Clients number link on the dashboard. The Statistics Database clients section display the linked Artica servers to […]

19-06-2015 13-02-06

Import statistics from a remote server

This operation allows you to import statistics database from a remote Artica server to the statistics appliance. You need to use “2.09.061913” artica version or later See : Migrate statistics backup to the statistics Appliance From the source Artica statistics appliance server On the top menu, click on Web Proxy […]