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The Webfiltering categories daemon

By default statististics doesn’t display categories in statistics. Categorize visited websites statistics require to enable or start the “Webfiltering categories daemon” The Webfiltering categories daemon is designed to: Provide the category for a defined web server name. Allow to see category on each visited website in the relatime events. Enables […]

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Change the log directory location

Proxy service write it’s log into a dedicated partition. Depends on the partition size and the number of users using the proxy, it can be not enough. When the partition is full, proxy service is not able to write logs and crash. To prevent this behavior, you can change the […]

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Force SafeSearch and turn OFF Google SSL queries

Google, Yahoo and other search engines offer a SafeSearchâ„¢ feature which blocks most adult images. This option enforce the safesearch policies of the search engines. The safesearch feature enforces safe searches for the following search engines: AOL search, Bing, Excite, Foxnews, Google, Infospace, Live, Lycos, MSN,Yahoo and other less popular […]

Disable the check disk after each reboot

By default artica schedule a check disk at each reboot in order to prevent disk corruption. If Artica is stored on a large disk, the reboot can take a long time with this option. To disable this feature On the top meny click on your server name and choose General […]

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