Max User IP proxy object, Limit users to one computer

Feature Available on version 1.8.093023 or above

This article explain how to perform this needs:

Need single login using an account i.e. but don’t want 2 people to use same account from 2 different pcs at the same time, no multiple login

To perform this limitation we must use the ACL management with a the “Max User IP” object

  • On the ACL table, create a new deny rule

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  • On the ACL rule item, add your Active Directory group ( or “all” object).
  • Create a new Group and whoose the option “Max User IP” in the dropdown list.

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  • Click on the created group
  • Choose items
  • Click on new item
  • Add an item “-s 1” for limit to 1 ipaddress per user.

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  • Click on “settings” tab of your proxy object.
  • Tune the TTL delay on Time To Live field.
    This directive controls how long proxy remembers the IP addresses associated with each user.
    Use a small value (e.g., 60 seconds) if your users might change addresses quickly, as is the case with dialup.
    You might be safe using a larger value (e.g., 7200 seconds (2 hours) ) in a corporate LAN environment with relatively static address assignments.
  • Click on “Apply” button

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  • Click on “Apply” on the main table in order to put the rule into production mode.

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