The PhishTank database

Since 2.39.051513/2.38.051513 Phishtank database as changed and now is updated directly trough Artica.
The PhishTank database is also available in Web security Appliance too and require a valid Enterprise license.

The PhishTank database came from a community anti-phishing Web site where anyone can go to submit suspected
phishes, track the status of their submissions and help verify others submissions.

1) Enable the PhishTank feature:

  • Go to Your Proxy
  • Click on the PhishTank sub-menu grey link


  • Turn to green the Activate PhishTank Database feature
  • After Apply, Artica will check Internet to get the latest PhishTank database.


2) Enable the PhishTank database in your Web-Filtering rules.


  • Go to Your Proxy
  • Click on the Web-Filtering rules link


  • Open the desired rule and click on the Black-list tab.
  • Search in the table the “phishtank” category.


  • Activate the checkbox on the phishtank category.


  • Click on “Compile rules” button to make your Web-Filtering rules in production mode.



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