The Ransomwares database

Ransomwares database is designed to block URLs that are used by viruses to download ransomwares.
This database is downloaded automatically by Artica and is updated several times by day.
Since 2.39.051513/2.38.051513 the ransomware database act as a category and must be managed trough a web-filtering rule. This feature require a valid Enterprise License.

1) Enable the Ransomewares feature:

  • Go to Your Proxy
  • Click on the Ransomwares sub-menu grey link


  • Turn to green the “Activate Ransomware database” option
  • Click on Apply button



2) Enable the Ransomwares category in your Web-Filtering rules.


  • Go to Your Proxy
  • Click on the Web-Filtering rules link


  • Open the desired rule and click on the Black-list tab.
  • Search in the table the “ransomwares” category.



  • Activate the checkbox on the ransomwares category.


  • Click on “Compile rules” button to make your Web-Filtering rules in production mode.



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