Install the Proxy certificate on Internet Explorer

This Article is based on Artica v.2.15.071713 or above.

See: Automatically Deploy Proxy certificate to FireFox/Internet Explorer

When using SSL MAN-IN-THE-MIDDLE, you should install Proxy certificate in order to avoid Browsers warning on a non-trusted certificate

  • Create a self-signed certificate for the proxy
  • Go on a client Workstation.
  • Type the “https://YourProxy:9000/pfx ( this not require any login )
  • Click on the icon of the certificate you want to install.
  • Save the DER file on the right place.




  • Browse your directory and right-click on the der file and choose “Install certificate




  • A wizard is displayed, Click on Next on the Welcome message.


  • Click on “Place all certificates in the following store”
  • Choose “Trusted Root Certification Authorities


  • Click on “finish


  • A warning message allows you to confirm the importation.


  • After click on Yes, the import should be a success.



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