Automatically Deploy Proxy certificate to FireFox/Internet Explorer

The SSL Installer tool is a program able to install Artica proxy certificate on Windows machines and/or Create Proxy aliases according all MAC addresses found on the computer and/or Change Internet Explorer and FireFox settings to a proxy.pac.
It download the certificate directly from the proxy and install it.
This tool must be executed with Artica v2.39.072611 or above

Download the SSL Installer tool

  • This tool run on Windows machines and must be executed as Administrator
  • Uncompress the downloaded zip file and edit the config.ini, change settings according your needs.
#IP address of the Artica Web administration server
#be silent or send Popup when error occurs.
# Install certificates 1/0 = Download and install certificate trough the proxy Web interface
# If you are * not connected * to any Active Directory, the proxy is able to create  an alias with the MAC address and the current connected
# user, the tool will communicate identities of the machine to the proxy .
# Add possibility to change Firefox settings to a Proxy.pac 
# Add possibility to change Internet Explorer settings to a Proxy.pac 
#If modification is made, did the process create a backup of Firefox settings before ?
#Full URL to the pac file.
  • After editing the config.ini, you can remove the “src” directory and create an self-extracting executable of the whole directory.
  • Execute the “ssl-installer.exe” on a computer client as Administrator
  • Read the events.txt file to see if there are some errors.

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