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The Skype macro

The Skype┬ámacro allows to allow or deny using Skype trough the proxy using ACLs. On the TOP menu, click on Your Proxy Select Complete ACLs link Create a new ACL Set the name and the ACL action.   Choose items tabs. Click on New Proxy object Choose Macro: Skype object […]

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How to decrypt all Internet web sites ?

To decrypt all internet Web sites, you need to use SSL Rules. On the TOP click on “Your Proxy” Choose SSL rules Click on New rule. Set the rule name. Turn ON the Uncrypt SSL option Click on Add button   Click on the created rule, Click on link object. […]

Install the Proxy certificate on Internet Explorer

This Article is based on Artica v.2.15.071713 or above. See: Automatically Deploy Proxy certificate to FireFox/Internet Explorer When using SSL MAN-IN-THE-MIDDLE, you should install Proxy certificate in order to avoid Browsers warning on a non-trusted certificate Create a self-signed certificate for the proxy Go on a client Workstation. Type the […]


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Decrypt SSL the proper way.

The v2.15.071712 or above improve the SSL decrypt method and help you to implement SSL decryption. 1) Build a certificate not the default one. Using the default certificate is not the good way, you have to create a new certificate with correct settings. see – Create a self-signed certificate for […]

The certificate center

The certificate center is an Artica section designed to store all SSL certificates that should be used by the system ( Web services, Proxy service, Reverse-Proxy services, Mail services )   On the TOP menu, click on System.   Under the maintain section, click on “Certificates center” link     […]

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