Transparent mode


Proxy Transparent mode on 2.x

Advantages of Transparent Proxy In the advantages category we have the following : Simplified administration – The browser does not need to be configured to talk to a cache. Central control – The user cannot change his/her browser to bypass the cache. Disadvantages of Transparent proxy Not Robust – Because […]

Tranparent proxy method using NAT method

The NAT method use your firewall that able to forward TCP packets to the proxy port. This method is a simply method to hook HTTP traffic to forward it. On Your Proxy section, choose listen ports link. Click on “New Port“ Enable the Firewall NAT compatibility option. Define the listen […]


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Secure gateway feature

Secure gateway is a feature that allow forwarding network packets only on a white-listed ports and protocols. It is used when Artica is defined as a gateway ( Transparent proxy ) in order to limit peer-to-peer accesses. It is available on Artica v2.21.092811 or above. On your Proxy section, click […]

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Artica and Cisco’s Web Cache Coordination Protocol

Making Proxy communicate with Cisco routers and accept WCCP intercepted HTTP traffic from them. Cisco ASA Bypass the proxy box from re-capture access-list wccp_redirect extended deny ip host ARTICA_IP any Note: This shouldn’t be required, because the asa would build this rule itself, when adding the proxy box. … while […]

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Block QUIC protocol in transparent mode

You cannot see any YouTube/Google connections on proxy. Also outgoing traffic increases dramathically. Starting from 2015, some sites (i.e., Google and YouTube) offer connection via QUIC protocol. Google Chrome support it in latest versions, so connections bypass the proxy and cannot be proxied or cached. QUIC uses UDP protocol over […]