Transparent proxy HTTP/SSL with SonicWall

To make Artica Proxy in transparent mode in both HTTP/SSL mode you just have to make a routing rule….
You did not need 2 network interfaces, only one single network interface make the infrastructure to work.

On the SonicWall:

Go to routing rules and create 2 routing rules with the HTTP service and HTTPS service.
All routing rules will be in charge of use the Artica Proxy as gateway.

  • Source should be any or one ip address or a subnet.
  • Destination is any


If the proxy is on the same subnet, be sure to have on top a rule that forward all TCP packets to the right gateway for the Proxy box source ip address.

On the Artica

  • Go to “Your Proxy” / “Listen ports” section


  • Click on New port.
  • Choose the button “Create both HTTP/HTTPs/SSL Transparent ports
  • That’s all….


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