Generate a debug file for the HotSpot

  To generate a debug file, open the main HotSpot section. Turn on the debug section and click on apply. Try to generate the issue and return back the main section. Click on the hotspot.debug.gz link in order to download the file



Offer multiple connections options in the HotSpot login page

By default the HotSpot offer only one way to establish a session ( SMS, auto-register, register, login). You can allow guest users to have multiple options inside the login page if you have enabled different possibilities. This feature is available on 2.39.071317 Artica version or Above. On the HotSpot, click […]

The Micro Hotspot feature

The Micro HotSpot feature is a simple option claim to redirect Internet connections to an authentication page. It can be used if you need to authenticate users when using the Proxy in transparent mode or if you want an authentication without any popup box. The Artica HotSpot main feature request […]


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HotSpot maintenance section

The Maintenance HotSpot section is availble on Artica v2.37 or above. It allows you to restart Web service that handle the portal and to turn the HotSpot into the emergency section without need to be logged on the Artica web console. In the HotSpot status, turn on the “Activate the […]

Certificate issues with the HotSpot

By default the HotSpot system redirect all requests to the SSL HotSpot page. When the user query any website, the HotSpot Firewall redirect TCP connections to the SSL HotSpot Page. This behavior encounter an SSL certificate issue on Browsers because the certificate sent by the HotSpot front-end web page is […]

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Authenticate HotSpot users trough Active Directory

To authenticate users trough Active Directory, you have to define an HotSpot rule. You can add several Active Directory servers in order to verify guest credentials After creating your rule, click on it Select Active Directory tab. Click on New connection. Add the IP/host of your Active Directory server ( […]

Authentication trough SMS

Artica version 2.25.101421 or above allows you to use SMS in order to identify guest accounts. Artica is able to send a pre-formatted SMTP message with a confirmation code of 4 digits in order to allow access to Internet. Under your HotSpot rule, in the behavior section, enable the “Use […]

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HotSpot rule behavior

The rule behavior define how the HotSpot authenticate guests and processes to access trough Internet. Use terms of service If enabled, then guest will be prompted to read a legal information before access to the login page Send accounts informations to Meta server : You can only use it if […]

What are HotSpot rules ? Create an HotSpot rule

HotSpot rules is the major feature of the HotSpot revision 4 What are rules ? Rules are defined by one or several networks. A network can be a IP address ( ) or a subnet  ( . When a guest computer is connected to the HotSpot, Artica will try […]

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How to use/enable the HotSpot feature ?

A) HotSpot Only The HotSpot feature cannot be used with the standard proxy feature because it will lock all ports for unregistered users. An Artica license allows you to use 2 servers so you can use a Standard Artica server for your employees and an Artica HotSpot for your guest […]