Offer multiple connections options in the HotSpot login page

By default the HotSpot offer only one way to establish a session ( SMS, auto-register, register, login).
You can allow guest users to have multiple options inside the login page if you have enabled different possibilities.
This feature is available on 2.39.071317 Artica version or Above.

  • On the HotSpot, click on a rule.
  • Select “behavior” tab.
  • Turn on the “Provide all Possibilities” option.
  • Click on Apply.



  • On the logon page, a new drop-down list is added and provide activated possibilities to use to be connected trough the HotSpot.



Change labels inside the drop-down list.

  • Near the “Provide all Possibilities” option, Click on Labels link
  • Labels allows you to change the text inside the drop-down list



By default, labels are set :

LABEL->Connection Methods
NONE->Choose a method
SMS->Register via SMS
REGISTER->Create an Account
LOGIN->Use your credentials
RECOVER->Recover your password

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