What are HotSpot rules ? Create an HotSpot rule

HotSpot rules is the major feature of the HotSpot revision 4

What are rules ?

Rules are defined by one or several networks.

A network can be a IP address ( ) or a subnet  ( .

When a guest computer is connected to the HotSpot, Artica will try to retrieve the rule according the computer network.


All HotSpot settings and behavior are defined inside a rule.

In this case you can define how guest can be logged and what are the account policy based on IP addresses.

The first task is to create a rule.


Create a rule

On the HotSpot section, click on Rules tabs

02-08-2015 23-51-48

  • You can see in the table that the rule is explained and the SKIN column shows you the background color of the HotSpot web page.
  • Click on the added rule
  • Select Networks tab
  • Add networks you want this rule to handle.

03-08-2015 00-00-52Now with this first rule, you can define the HotSpot behavior.

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