How to use/enable the HotSpot feature ?

A) HotSpot Only

The HotSpot feature cannot be used with the standard proxy feature because it will lock all ports for unregistered users.
An Artica license allows you to use 2 servers so you can use a Standard Artica server for your employees and an Artica HotSpot for your guest users.


B) 2 Network interfaces

The hotSpot system is designed to ban all network connections until users have not been registered on the system.
To achieve this approach,  a physical break is generated between two network cards.

We assume that you have already setup the 2 network interfaces settings trough Artica

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C) Different Network !Important

You must have a different subnet between the WAN network and the LAN network.
For example if your WAN interface is set the LAN (guest network ) to

D) Activate the HotSpot system.

  • On the top menu, select “Your Proxy
Your proxy on the top menu

Your proxy on the top menu

  • Click on The HotSpot grey link.

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  • Click on the “Activate the HotSpot System” button

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  • On the first screen, select the Network Interface that handle Guest computers

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  • On the second screen choose the Interface used to access trough Internet

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  • The last screen needs you to confirm, click on Run the HotSpot System button.

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  • Wait during the configuration process.

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  • You should see 2 services UP and running.
    Your HotSpot system is now ready!


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